As I woke from my first mini nap for the night, 

I looked over to see two little eyes looking at me, 

More blood was being taken, 

And he was just watching me, 

I jumped up feeling Mothers guilt rippling through my whole being, 

I sat down on the chair, 

Next to his bed, 

And got as close as I could, 

We just looked at each other, 

Both exhausted, 

Both scared, 

Both with nothing to say or do but lock eyes, 

Eyes telling each other it’s OK, 

We are strong, 

We are there for each other, 

We love each other, 

Once the tests were over, 

I lent in to give him a kiss, 

Hurting my back to reach him, 

As my twin belly knocked and squashed against everything, 

He had other plans, 

He pushed his hand through that was all bandaged up, 

Tangled with leads, 

And wrapped it around my neck, 

Gripping his other hand, 

And putting me in the tightest headlock, 

He squeezed my cheek to his, 

And wouldn’t let go, 

I felt two things, 

Fear and love, 

Two of the most powerful emotions ever! 

After I slowly released him, 

I crawled into his bed, 

Curled up until we were one, 

And did not move again, 

Till the next test!