What a beautiful word

What a powerful word 

What a strong word, 

That’s all it ever was to me, 

A WORD!!! 

A word I strive to find, 

Strive to feel, 

Strive to receive, 

My boys and my husband have shown me love, 

Love that is boundless, 

Love that is strong, 

Love that is unshakeable, 

Yet I haven’t allowed them in, 

I have had my heart closed for so many years, 

Walls double, triple layered, 

Determined to protect it, 

To not let anymore hurt in,

Not know, 

As I sit here visualizing the upcoming garden party, 

I FEEL love, 

My chest is warm, 

My heart feels open wide, 


I FEEL love radiating through my body and out, 

Out far and wide, 

In this moment I realized, 

I realized I have truly healed my heart, 

I have healed the past, 

I have healed the trauma, 

What an amazing moment for me, 

What a peaceful realization, 

A calm, 

I know I’m ready now, 

I am ready to move forward, 

Like really move forward, 

Not climbing a mountain with an anchor attached, 

Oh no, 

I’m going to run up that mountain now, 

For the FIRST time in my life, 

I feel like LIFE really is a beautiful place to be!!!!!