Have you ever wondered why someone wasn’t there for you?

Why someone didn’t support you?

Why they didn’t give you the time when you so desperately needed it?

Why they didn’t give you the love you craved so deeply?

Why they didn’t protect you?

Hold you?


I have.

And I would be brave enough to say you have too.

The anger,

The resentment,

The disappointment,



I have.

It has broken me,

Torn me apart,

Left me sobbing and screaming at the top of my lungs,

It has left me vulnerable,





Let. It. Go.

Three little words,

Sound so simple right?!



It is such a mountain to climb.


This full moon has been more significant to me than anything I have ever experienced,

I was ripped open in a very physical way,

Left wide open with wounds I had no idea how to fill,

A vulnerability like no other,

I am not even sure I know how to put this experience into words,

Yet I want you to know the depths of this,

So you can gain the strength for your journey,

We all have it in us,

A roaring lion at the bottom of our gut,

And if right now you can’t find yours,

Take some of mine,

I am here to share my courage and strength with YOU,

Even when I feel raw like I haven’t had my wounds dressed yet.


I climbed the mountain,

I am finally at the top,

I have finally Let. It. Go.


I have let the pain go,

I have let the fear go,

The anger,

The resentment,

The why’s,

The broken parts of me are being mended,

The holes are being filled,

Not by anyone else,

By ME.


No one else will heal you,

No one else does the work,

As much as I have tried to hand it over time and time again,

To the healers,

The counsellors,

The ones who hurt me,



As it becomes you,

A beautiful thing happens,

You realize by hating them,

Resenting them,

Hurting them,

Being angry or disappointed in them,




What’s the point in being so unforgiving to others when they are not going to do anything about it?

Your the ONLY one you are hurting by holding onto that!


Let. It. Go.


Stop the hurt,

Stop the pain,

Stop the resentment,



If you don’t know how to do this,

Just make the decision,

Just write it,

Say it out loud,

Tell someone or something that YOU are going to Let. It. Go.

You will then be guided and supported in a way you could never imagine.


With ALL my love and strength,

Mental Mumma