Why is it so hard?
Why is it so hard to say it?
Why is it so hard to share with loved ones?
Why is it so hard for us be honest?
Why is it so hard to ask for help?
Why is it so hard to say what we are feeling?


We are a species,
One that should support and nurture each other like a pack of lions do,

Mum has said ‘We are just private people
So we don’t share’,
But there in that lies the struggle,

I know we are all different,
Yet the pain I see around me in SO many people,
I’m desperate for them to open their hearts to me,
To share,
Not because I want to know their life,
But I want them to feel the freedom I now feel,
I want the burden to be released from their shoulders,
I want them to say the words and feel supported,
I want them to know that I know,
I know those thoughts,
I know those feelings,
It’s heart wrenching,
It’s fucking dark,
And you beat the hell out of yourself because of how you feel,
Because you can’t fix things,
Because you can’t face the day when the pain is too much,
Because you hate yourself for what you are,
Because you have disrespect and self loath,
Because you don’t think they will understand,
Because you are scared of judgement,
Because you feel like it’s ‘not their problem’,

Just share,
Please make sure your sharing your pain with someone,
A friend,
A family member,
A professional,
Just so you can see that your pain is a shared pain,
It’s a pain that so many people are feeling,

And if you can’t say it out loud,
By golly I know there is a lot of stuff I could never have spoken,
Then write it,
Just get it out of your head so that your head can no longer have control,
So that you can start seeing it on paper for what it really is,
Painful words,
Hurtful words,
Desperate words,
That if not spoken in one way or another will consume you,
They will take over,
They will destroy all the good you DO have in your life right now,
They will eat away at friendships,
They will eat away at your right to be happy,
They will eat away at your body and soul,

Just get them out,
Once they are out,
You can begin,
You can really start,
The most amazing healing journey of your life,
To a place where you experience joy,
Mindfulness and content,

To the MANY suffering I know and to the MANY I don’t know,
Speak your words of pain.

All my love and strength,
Mental Mumma