You know it still blows my mind,

I can walk into a room full of people,

People who normally welcome me with smiles,

Conversation starters such as ‘how are you’?,

People I would class as my friends,

People who care about me,



I walk in with puffy eyes,

Red blotchy face,

I have been sobbing,

Sobbing so hard someone might as well have ripped my heart out of my chest,

Sobbing so hard that I actually had no idea how to physically get in the car,

And they run,


It’s not that they didn’t even ask R U OK?

It’s that they turned AWAY,

They saw the fear and devastating on my face,

So they turned AWAY,


Its bullshit!!!

How could a room full of people who normally embrace my presence just IGNORE me??!!

How could NO-ONE have asked?


I wanted to walk out of that building and just drop to the ground,

Just sit on the road and sob,

Until MAYBE someone asked,



Why do you find it so hard to ask people?

Your not the one fighting the battle,

I am!

Don’t be afraid,

Just ask R U OK?


9 times out of 10 I am not going to tell you what is going on,

But to have someone ask me,


THAT could make the difference for me.

We shouldn’t have to battle these battles alone.


Please just ask,



With ALL my love,

Mental Mumma