I went into the petrol station the other day and I barely needed to say anything. They knew what number I was, I had already pulled out my card and the next thing I was walking out the door thinking I didn’t even know what the shop attendant looked like. It made me think, I should have looked them in the eye, said ‘hello, good afternoon’ and ‘thank you very much, have a wonderful day’! That would not have taken any extra time but it sure would have made that person that is doing their job feel a little more worth while.

This is especially important if we stop to think about what battle they might be fighting. That person might very well be happy to have no eye contact and to have little to do with their customers, but they also might be a very lonely soul that is fighting an incredible battle which no one knows about. By taking effort to actually talk to our shop attendants, we might help save lives. I believe lives can be saved by love and kindness and this is something that every one of us is capable of doing.

I know that during some of my darkest days, whilst working in the pub being the outgoing and lively personality that I had created, that the days when people sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ (this happened often), were the days I felt special to someone. They were when I felt like my battle could be fought, not lost. On the other hand, the days when I was just the bar chick, doing her job and getting paid for it…they were the days I struggled, I felt alone even though I was surrounded by many, they were the days that it felt like nothing lit me up and the battle felt lost.

Just think about when you are having a bad day, feeling miserable or extra grumpy and you go to your supermarket and the shop attendant says, ‘I love that top you have on, where did you get that?’ or ‘Your children are so well behaved, you must feel proud’ or ‘Don’t worry, all the kids are like that in here!!!’ (haha) How much better do you feel? How does that light you up even if its just for a moment? If we could all just show a little bit of kindness and appreciation beyond payment, we could really change some peoples lives.

So next time your out somewhere, think about this. When was the last time you REALLY said thank you to someone? When did you express your appreciation for someone? When did you last compliment someone? When did you do something kind just because you could?

If we could do one thing everyday for someone, its amazing how your own life will change and those of the people around you.

Kindness and Love

Mental Mumma