Home used to mean a beautiful solid structure that had all my essentials in it, it was a warm environment, a safe place, a roof over head and food in the pantry. It was a place I could have friends over to laugh and play with and it was a supported community.

Home is now just simply where my heart belongs. Nothing more and nothing less. Being away from my boys for just one night and talking about my children, I have realized they are a part of my soul and my being, I hold such a love for them that I am not even sure I can put it into words. They hold my heart, they nurture me in a way only a mum can understand. I honestly wish that every mum out there gets to experience the unbound love that children provide. I know they are life’s hardest challenges and I don’t down play the difficulties I have had since they day they were born, yet now as I grow more inward, I have realized more and more what I get in return.

You know, there is a mum that I know, and no doubt many many out there, that had a number of miscarriages before receiving their blessing of joy and watching her with her child is just purely magical. Her eyes light up just at the mention of her children, you can feel the love radiate onto you just when she is talking about her son.

What an amazing world this would be if we could all feel like this, this much LOVE, this much compassion. It would transform the world we live, which honestly, is quite a scary one right now and I just want people to stop and think, what love have you radiated today? Who have you hugged, really held and felt love go from your heart into theirs? Even if it’s your partner, your child, your mum, your brother, your dog, if we could all take the time to do this more often,the ripple effect you will have into bringing more love into our frightened world can help effect change.

Please, I ask you, today, take that moment or that hour or that whole day of just LOVING!!!!