I have always wondered my life’s purpose.

What am I here to do?

I felt like I truly existed for a significant reason, I had been put on this earth to do SOMETHING. Something incredible, something amazing, you know, life changing, award winning, soul enlightening…you get the drift. I have searched for a long time through career changes, lifestyle choices, adventures, experiences, relationships, spiritual journeys and some not so spiritual journeys….desperate to find WHY I am meant to be here.

IMG_0363I felt as if the challenges presented, the dark days of depression, the self isolation and subsequent loneliness were my purpose. I felt like what our family endured with my MOTHER’S illness was MY life purpose!

How abstract is that?! My mothers illness was MY life purpose? No wonder I have had such a struggle with working out who I am and what it is that I need to do. Finally I have seen..it’s not my MUM’S illness I am here to share, it’s mine. (Yeah…OUCH….that hurt writing that!!)

The trauma I experienced as a young innocent soul is MY LIFE’S PURPOSE! Oh boy that hurts so much more than I have EVER given credit for. A very trapped little soul that I have now found!

I have always wanted to share my story, you know heart on the sleeve style and be open and honest, but not about this. Not about the trauma. That was going to stay mine, it was not meant to come out because if it did too many other souls would be hurt and I just wanted to protect them.

These tears they hurt, they are like rocks coming up from my belly, and hurt like gallstones would that are trying to pass. But I have to let them pass, holding them in has hurt much more and done so much more damage to my beautiful body.

So whats my life purpose?

I am here to heal. I am here to be an example for others. I am here to show others HOW to heal.

Mental Mumma