Today I am what I call at the bottom of the roller coaster. You know where you have screamed the whole way down, closed your eyes, pretended it wasn’t happening and felt sick to your stomach?! Yeah, that’s where I am at!
Now what I get to look forward to is the slow crawl to the top where you sit impatiently, bored, frustrated and anxious. But you know what else you do on that slow crawl to the top?

You look around.
You. Look. Around.
You look at the amazing views.
You notice the children’s screams and laughter from the other rides.
You see the smiles on your family or friends faces at the bottom and in that moment you feel total bliss, contentment and peace. This is what I am going to remind myself of as I slowly pull myself back up to the top. So how am I going to do that? One railing at a time and each railing for me is going to represent The following:
Good nutrition
Boy cuddles!!
(The last is by far the easiest and my favorite.)
Each day I am going to do my best at each of them. But really DO MY BEST! I am not going to say that doing my best is taking the easy option out and making a reasonable enough excuse that it makes the action ‘my best’. Fuck that! I have been doing that for the past month and all its done is hurl me down the other side. It’s time to really take responsibility for my choices, make better ones and look forward to feeling the benefits I know are there once the mud is washed off.

With love & light,

Mental Mumma