I hate this. Great way to start my blog on what is meant to be a very positive statement I know! But I find the whole resolution thing very frustrating and I am not in a place yet where I understand it’s TRUE meaning.

So yeah, it has taken me 19 days to come up with something that I would actually consider putting down as a resolution. Instead, I am calling it my New Year Focus!

So what is it?!

Heal my gut!!!

You know it’s really interesting because I am an all or nothing kinda girl and lately I have been listening to a whole lot of interviews through the fantastic Healthy ME Summit. All the interviews I picked was about meditation, mindfulness or people’s individual stories of triumph but I avoided every single one about nutrition! Ha! Wonder why?!
Anyway, whilst listening to these incredible people I really decided to switch my focus, you see this is what I do..only focus on one thing at time. Why is that so bad?! Well it creates a rather narrow mind that keeps convincing myself that…’yes its nutrition, get my diet right and I am good to go’ which then switches to…’scrap that, nutrition can go jump, it’s all about the mind!!!!’ See where I am going? A good friend who the darling universe has brought back into my life upon request mentioned to me the other night that ‘it’s all about balance’.

So yes, it’s all about balance and time. I need to truly appreciate the life I am changing and just enjoy the evolution that is occurring.

With love & light,

Mental Mumma