So today I thought, right that’s it! I am doing it! I am going to write a blog! You know why? Because today I feel terrible, absolutely completely and utterly terrible. I want to go home, crawl under my covers and cry and cry and cry. So why start a blog?? You would think we would want to start it when we were on a high…no….I am sick of the world hiding these days so that when we do have them, we feel like we have to hide them as well. I don’t want to put a smile on my face and make everyone think that I am happy and OK. I want them to know that today is a really rotten day and to just leave me alone to work and that it doesn’t mean that I hate you, or that I am a snob, or that I am too busy to have fun….it just means today is crap….really crap. Lets just hope tomorrow is better.
With love & light,
Mental Mumma